Ordinances and Policies

Cemetery: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Moratorium Fuel Powered Generation Facilities Health, Safety and Nuisance Ordinance
Neighbor Complaint Policy
Personnel Policies
Recreational Marijuana Opt-Out Ordinance 2019
Riga Park Plan and Appendix
Master Plan 2022 Updated
Social Media Policy
Water & Sewer Rate Ordinance Effective Oct 1, 2023
Water & Sewer Connection Application

Zoning Ordinance  (updated 2021) Fuel Powered Generation Facilities
Adopted September 12, 2022
  Solar Energy Ordinance, adopted April 8, 2019
   Amended Solar Energy Ordinance, adopted Dec 14, 2020
  Wind Generation Ordinance

**This is NOT a complete list of the Ordinances of Riga Township, but a quick reference of our most requested information.  Please contact the clerk for more details or certified copy of any ordinance, etc.***

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