Hall Rental
For all Hall Rentals,
Contact Connie Loar at 517-403-0068

WEDDING RECEPTIONS                            $200.00                                                                                                    
0 – 75 PEOPLE                                                                            $75.00
76-150 PEOPLE                                                                         $150.00
151-200 PEOPLE                                                                       $200.00
RESIDENT OR NON-RESIDENT                                           $250.00
          (buried in Riga Cemetery)                         No security deposit
NON-RESIDENT (burial Riga Cemetery)                                   $60.00
                                                                             No security deposit
ALL OTHERS                                                  REGULAR RATES
                                                                             No security deposit
Any breakage, damage or above normal cleaning will be deducted from the security deposit.   If everything is found to be in order the security deposit will be refunded. 
The following groups are granted FREE use of said building, provided reservations are made in advance, so as not to conflict with others desiring the use of the building.
1.  4-H Clubs                                                         2.  Boy and Girl Scouts
3.  Local Organizations                                         4.  Fire Dept. Busines 5.  Riga Township Board Business                     6.  Planning Commission Business
Any of the above FREE groups may make a donation if they wish to help defray the expense of heat, a/c, lights and etc.
RIGA TOWNSHIP BOARD                               Custodian Connie Loar
                                                                              12965 Aten Rd.
Phone:  517-447-3555                                           Blissfield, MI   49228      Cell: 517-403-0068
Vote               Learn about VOTING in Michigan
Any registered voter can vote Absentee (by mail) as long as your identity has been verified in person (by in-person registration, voting at least once in person, etc).   Registered voters may also request in writing to be added to the permanent AV List and will receive an application by mail for each election without a new request.

**Every absentee voter must have a signed ballot application on file before an absentee ballot can be issued.  An application may be handwritten/printed and mailed, electronically transmitted, or hand delivered**   For more information on voting absentee in Michigan, click the VOTING link above

Applications can be requested in person, by phone or by mail.  They are also available in electronic form.

return all voting material by mail to:
Riga Clerk
PO Box 25, Riga, MI 49276
or use the drop box behind the screen door at the township office

electronic requests to:  rigaclerk@gmail.com
phone requests:  517.486.4929

Are you registered to vote?  
Would you like to learn more about your local ballot?
Would you like to be an
 Election Inspector?


If you are intersted in volunteering your time and talents to help improve our township, let us know!
Call or email the clerk:  rigaclerk@gmail.com  or 517.486.4260

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