Office Hours:  The office is staffed by appointment only.  Please contact individuals below to set up a meeting.  There is a dropbox located on the west facing office door (behind the screen door) for your convenience.  If you have time sensitive items, please call first.

Township Officials

Planning Commission meetings are held the FIRST MONDAY of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the board room of the Riga Municipal building.  On September 4, 2019 the Commission will meet on Tuesday night after a Monday holiday.

**Special Meeting Location Notice***

Starting January 4, 2016 until further notice the Riga Township Planning Commission will be hosting a second location at 11401 Cemetery Road, Riga MI 49276, during any normal meeting or special meeting time. They are hosting the second location via FaceTime so that Planning Commissioner Brian Bowman can be present for meetings. All other board members will be present and hold a quorum at RigaTownship Municipal Building at 7817 Riga Highway, Riga MI 49276.

Individuals are able to attend Planning Commission
meetings at either meeting location.

Riga Township Board meetings are held on the SECOND MONDAY of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the board room of the Riga Municipal Building.

If you need to contact the township or other employees, they are listed below:

Supervisor Grounds Keeper 
Gary Lee Kastel R.A.P. Lawncare, LLC
8159 Rodesiler Hwy. Aden Porter
Riga, MI 49276  
Phone: (517) 486-2641 Phone: 
Treasurer Cemetery Sexton
Katy Gust Ron Cambal
13708 Yankee Rd 12567 Thompson Hwy.
Ottawa Lake, MI 49267 Blissfield, MI  49228
Cell: (734) 347-4109 Phone: (517) 605-8525
Clerk Fire Chief
Natalie Thompson Mike Norman
10389 E. Ridgeville Rd 5305 Ogden Hwy.
Blissfield, MI 49228 Adrian, MI  49221
Email: Cell: (517) 673-6283
Phone: (517) 486-4929 or (419)260-6203 Fire Dept.: (517) 486-4260
 Fire Dept Fax: (517) 486-5023
Trustee Building Inspector
Brenda Buyaki Delgado Todd Roach
13336 Lipp Hwy 17866 Lulu Rd
Ottawa Lake, MI 49267 Petersburg, MI 49270
(517)486-2479 Phone: (517) 937-9050
Karlene Goetz Electrical Inspector
7554 Riga Hwy., P.O. Box 116 Lou Duby
Riga, MI  49276-0116 9066 Legacy Ct
Phone: (517) 486-2278 Temperence, MI 48182
  home: (734) 850-0594
  Cell: (734) 735-1038
Planning Commission Chairman  
Reg Karg Mechanical & Plumbing Inspector
12164 Riga Hwy. Donald Olszewski
Ottawa Lake, MI  49267 1147 Hackman Road
Phone: (517) 486-4079 Temperance, MI  48182
Fax: (517) 486-5023 Mailing Address:
  PO Box 675
Central Mailing Address Lambertville, MI  48144
Riga Township Phone: (734) 848-8180
P.O. Box 25 Cell: (419) 466-7238
Riga, MI  49276 Fax: (734) 344-7118
Phone: (517) 486-4260  
Fax: (517) 486-4260 Assessor
  Chris Reinus, MAAO, MCPPE
  PO BOX 25
  Riga, MI  49276
  Phone: (734) 347-8109
  Hall Rental Contact
  Connie Loar
  Phone: (517) 447-3555
  Cell: (517) 403-0068
Water and Sewer Emergency: 1-866-737-2862, Lenawee County Drain Commission


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