Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits go through the respective inspectors below; any other permits must go through the Building Inspector.
  • Permit Guide - When do I need a permit?  Who should I call?
Building Inspector
Todd Roach
17866 Lulu Rd
Petersburg, MI 49270
Phone: (517) 937-9050
Electrical Inspector
Lou Duby
9066 Legacy Ct
Temperence, MI 48182
Phone: (734) 850-0594
Cell: (734) 735-1038
Mechanical & Plumbing Inspector
Donald Olszewski
PO Box 675
Lambertville, MI 48144
Phone: (734) 848-8180
Cell: (419) 466-7238
Fax: (734) 344-7118
**Some of our fees have changed, please be patient as we make changes to the forms available online.  Please contact the inspector or clerk for the most accurate fee schedule**   

Building Permit Application
Construction Board of Appeals Application
Riga Township Permit Requirements
Application for Site Review
Building Permit Fee Schedule

Zoning Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Electrical Permit Application
Mechanical Permit Application
Variance Request
Application for Conditional Use Permit




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